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Berkshire Pontoon
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STS Series

 190CL  Enlarge 192A  Enlarge 210CL  Enlarge 211FC  Enlarge 211RFC  Enlarge
 211RFX  Enlarge 212A  Enlarge 230CL  Enlarge 230CLE  Enlarge 230E  Enlarge
 231FC  Enlarge 231RFC  Enlarge 231XB  Enlarge 232A  Enlarge 233RFX  Enlarge
 233SL  Enlarge 233SLX  Enlarge 234PT  Enlarge 250CL  Enlarge 250E  Enlarge
 251RFC  Enlarge 251XB  Enlarge 253RFX  Enlarge 253SL  Enlarge 253SLX  Enlarge
 254PT Learn More

Floor plans and specifications are based on the latest product information.
Forest River, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in drawings and
specifications at any time without notice and assumes no responsibility for any errors in the site.
The model number does not necessarily reflect the overall length of a particular unit.